Frequently Asked Questions

When you register to become a member on Worldwide Meetup you will automatically receive an email to activate your account.  This email will sometimes go into your junk/bulk mail folder.   Please check your email inboxes for this Activation Email and add us to your Safe List (for future emails/notifications).  As soon as you click on the link in the Activation Email then you will be brought back to the Sign In page.
No.  As a guest on Worldwide Meetup you can always browse the reviews posted by our site members and also see who the members are that have registered with us.  However, you are limited on what parts of member's profiles you can see and you cannot post reviews as a guest.  
No.  We do not obligate you to pay for anything that you do not want.  We do not have any monthly fees (unless you opt-in to become an Ambassador i.e. Tour Guide / Operator) yet we do have pay-as-you-go fees for messaging and chat packages for when you wish to contact another site member.  Our message credits never expire and our chat packages are time sensitive.  As a site member, we will give you one (1) message credit for each review that you post (up to 10 per calendar month) so essentially you can message for free if you post reviews!
We encourage all of our members and guests to message and/or chat within our system, this way it takes the risk away in having personal information such as email addresses and phone numbers listed.  Additionally, because of recent high-profile hacks occurring on the internet, we are avoiding this information to be leaked.  As a result, we provide a platform for everyone to message and chat, find a mutual (safe) place to meetup, and then if you are comfortable you can then exchange your contact information with the other person or people.
A lot of our members would like to stay as private as possible and could have chosen not show where they live.  We suggest that when you see someone that you like that you connect (message) them and start a conversation about where they live, what their likes and dislikes are and continue from there.
A lot of members are pretty private OR they have not chosen any interests to share.  The best thing for members to do is when they are in the ‘Edit Profile’ section of their profile to hold the Ctrl key down so that multiple selections can be made.
First you both have to be a mutual Friends or Favorites.  After this happens you can then purchase gift packages for them.  
An Ambassador is a member that is either a Licensed Tour Operator or Guide, or someone that just wishes to tell others about the great place they live in.  Ambassadors DO have monthly fees but also receive a discount on select message/chat packages to offset this cost; it is very minimal and is charged monthly via PayPal or Credit Card.  These are the people you’ll want to contact to find out about certain areas, things to do, or to arrange tours and excursions.
Please check your junkmail or spam folder for emails from us!
You must have earned, purchased, or was gifted message credits in order to "send" a message to another member. Messages "received" are not counted - Incoming is free. We do not allow for any outside contact information to be posted by our members on our site or in chat sessions. Doing so violates our term (of keeping your information as safe as possible).   If you receive a message credit from a review that you have written, and the review is for self-promotion, the review will be deleted and the message credit (if not used) will be retracted.  Continuation of abuse will result banishment from our website.