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Make new connections worldwide and find great places to go.  Worldwide Meetup connects locals and travelers together based on their similar interests.  After you sign up, you can create a profile where you can select from a list of interests and add in information about yourself.  Based on where you live, where you’re currently travelling to, or planning to travel to in the future, our site allows you to pre-schedule meetups with like-minded people.  This could be for a dinner, a sightseeing expedition or a walk along the beach.  Meetup as an individual, couple or group!

Once you find the person or group of people you’d like to connect with, simply purchase a few message credits to reach out and connect. 

Members can get up to 10 message credits each calendar month just by posting a review.

Connect – Chat – Meet – Repeat! 

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Events & Special Days in March

Looking for something to do?

Celebrate or attend one of these events in March and share it with others here!



March 1:

End of Cologne Carnival (Germany), began February 23

End of Barcelona Carnival, began February 23

Zero Discrimination Day


March 3:

World Wildlife Day


March 4:

End of Rio De Janeiro Carnival (Brazil), began February 24


March 5:

End of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Lahti (Finland), began February 22


March 8:

International Women's Day


March 13:

Holi Color Festival (India)


March 14:

Holi Color Festival (India)


March 15:

Apps World Germany


March 16:

Apps World Germany


March 20:

International Day of Happiness


March 21:

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

World Poetry Day

World Do

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